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Who are we? We are a small business support company located in Roswell, GA. We are a smart group of guys that helps people with technical stuff. We really like all things technical and love being able to make it work. We are driven by our mission which is to make a positive impact on the lives of clients and employees by using our abilities and technologies.

We aren’t a company of employees that you’ve never met. We aren’t located in a state (or country) you’ve never been to. We aren’t faceless, monotone voices on the other end of a phone call. We try our best not to talk down to you, be rude, or inconsiderate of your time. In fact, we’ve coined a phrase around here, we call it technology humility.

Essentially, we believe that no one is good at everything, but that everyone is good at something. So, we don’t assume you know technology (because then why would you be reading our site), but we do figure that you are good at what you do. Therefore, our consultants practice technology humility, which means we treat you with respect and communicate in a non-condescending way.

We are a family; a community; real people. We are more concerned with making sure that we are taking care of you than getting home on time.  We want to become part of your company. We’re the kind of people that want to just stop by and say hi, and maybe bring some ice cream over on a hot summer day.

We are technical, yes; we are experts…but we can also carry on a conversation about football, music or our children’s soccer game. We are a different kind of small business support company that connects the technology dots while simultaneously infusing personality and purpose into the process.

Give us a call, we are local and located in Roswell, GA, and are able to provide a wide range of small business support services to the entire Atlanta metro area and would love a chance to get to know you.

Why We’re Here

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Happy Customers With Our Business IT Support in Atlanta

At Logic Speak, we don’t believe in stodgy value propositions or long-winded mission statements, our mission is simple and short: to use our abilities and technology to have a positive impact on the lives of our clients and our employees.

We focus on providing businesses IT support in Atlanta and surrounding areas so that we can make your day better. Technology must provide value to your company-helping you go home and see your kids soccer game, or help you work from anywhere, or making sure that a catastrophe doesn’t wipe out your mission critical data that you’ve spent years building. We want to have an impact on peoples’ lives using what we know about technology and the technology that we provide. We use this mission as a measuring stick for everything we do. If it doesn’t accomplish the mission or creates sideways energy, we simply don’t do it.

We revamped things a few years back to better reflect our ultimate goal and define our purpose as a business IT support provider in Atlanta. Our new mission reflects the heart of Logic Speak and really drives what we do. If you are looking for a technology partner, do you want a company that wants your life to be better? If your answer is yes to that question, then you should check us out, because ultimately that is the only thing we are here to do.