Cloud Hosting In Atlanta

Many businesses are looking for ways to stretch their dollars further…and we’re no different…which is why we are advocates of the “cloud” (which incidentally is the newest, coolest buzzword for usage based services provided to you via the Internet). But cloud hosting doesn’t have to be this nebulous term, Logic Speak wants to explain it and help you figure out what cloud hosting services work for your business in the Atlanta market.

Think of the cloud as subscription based computing.  You pay for only what you need on a monthly basis. If you need more, you get more and only pay incrementally more. Heaven forbid, but if one day you need less, you get less and pay less. Someone else (us!) worries about making those cloud hosting services highly reliable and available. We have found that business owners become amazed that they will not have to take their hard drives home anymore, and that we will backup their data and restore it at any time. They also discover that we can put our cloud anti-virus on their computer and they will no longer have to put some third part security software on their computer. In addition, they no longer have the need to spend $10,000 on a server as we can host their exchange give them all of the capabilities that they had on their own server, but not have to buy brand new hardware.

There are several cloud hosting service options; however, we have listed the most common ones that businesses are most likely going to find useful and cost effective. Below is a list of them with descriptions. If any of the cloud hosting descriptions sound confusing, call us. We want to make it make sense and help you determine what works for your Atlanta business.

Cloud Exchange Email
For small businesses today, there is no cheaper way to get all the benefits of Microsoft Exchange Server than hosted over the Internet. Get current email features on a pay as you need basis.

  • 25 GB of mailbox data, always available
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010/2013 connectivity (Outlook 2010/2013 included per mailbox)
  • Outlook Web Access (for accessing your mailbox via the web)
  • ActiveSync for smartphones (mail, calendar, contact and task synchronization for your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone)
  • Group/Shared Calendaring
  • Global Address List and Company-wide distribution lists
  • Antispam filtering
  • SharePoint Team Site for collaboration among employees and external clients/vendors

Cloud Drives
Instead of a local server with lots of hard disk space that is shared among employees in the office (that has to be maintained, backed up and upgraded), Internet based network drives provide the same capabilities as local network drives, with data being stored in the cloud (over the Internet) so that it is highly available and backed up, with no internal infrastructure needed.  Additionally, Cloud Drives can double as a workstation backup solution, giving you the ability to set up multiple local folders to synchronize with Cloud Drives as well as setting up traditional backups to run daily, weekly or whenever you like!

Cloud Antivirus
Unfortunately, in today’s day and age, all computers need some form of antivirus protection.  Traditionally, big & bulky antivirus systems had to be installed and maintained on a local server.  Virus updates would then be pushed out to desktops & laptops from your server.  If you travel with your laptop, that means that unless you remember to enable ‘remote’ mode, you won’t get virus definitions until you return, leaving you potentially unprotected when you need it most.  Our Cloud Antivirus agent can be deployed to all Windows based servers, desktops & laptops and managed from a cloud console.  No more bulky installs or local servers.  And because it lives in the cloud, we (and you) will be alerted the minute a virus outbreak occurs.

Cloud Sites
Our unique cloud-based website hosting stores your website on multiple servers around the country such that in the event of any server outage, your site stays highly available. We offer:

  • Linux or Windows based hosting
  • Flexible storage and bandwidth options
  • Graduated plans that grow with your website (as your traffic to the site and data storage requirements grow)
  • Available MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server database hosting (for database driven web applications and content management systems)

Cloud Backup
So you haven’t “gone cloud” completely but still want to make sure you’re protected in the event of a catastrophe?  Our Cloud Backup solution will give you just that.  You get all the benefits and capabilities of a robust enterprise-level backup solution (Exchange backups, database backups & traditional file level snapshots) without the substantial investment of the cost of the software and (now terabytes of hardware).  Ever wonder if your backups are working or not?  Since our backup solution is completely integrated with our monitoring, you’ll be alerted if a backup doesn’t complete successfully (and we’ll already be working on resolving the issue).

Cloud Servers
So you want to be in the cloud, but you still need a server – maybe you use QuickBooks or have some other desktop based business application that’s mission critical.  Or, you just want to provide a consistent desktop experience centrally to your remote workers. With our Cloud Servers, say the word and in minutes, a server will be built and configured for you in the cloud.  A few keystrokes later and you’ll be connecting to your server securely using Remote Desktop (Microsoft’s industry standard connectivity solution) with the greatest of ease.  To top it all off, you won’t even have to think about backups.  We keep daily, weekly and monthly backups of your server so…if the unthinkable should ever happen…we can turn back time for you!

Logical Server
After going completely cloud, if you have an office…there are still a few things that have to be provided locally…things that are used to run your network and provide Internet access like:

  • DHCP & DNS – the services on your network that give each computer an “address” and tell them where to go when they need to get to the Internet or local network resources.
  • Printer Sharing – chances are if you have an office, your employees need to occasionally print!
  • Active Directory – centrally managing security so that you can administer and log in to each computer
  • VPN – for those few times that you need to connect in to the office network from home to print a document you forgot

Our Logical Server provides you with a server appliance to manage the above with ease, without the costly upfront costs of purchasing and configuring a large server.  Our Logical Server will quietly (there’s no fan!) sit on a shelf while it hums along and manages your network.  It even integrates with our other cloud services and environments to ensure that you can always connect to what you need!

VoIP Phones
As a business, you have to have a phone system, right?  An old, antiquated analog system with a bunch of phone lines coming out of it, taking up space in your closet.  But what about voicemail?  Yep, you need a box for that too…and yearly maintenance?  Right?  Nope!  Those days are gone.  Enter “VoIP” – an acronym that literally translated means…phone service over the Internet.  Sure, you could set up your own Linux-based VoIP server, but the installation and configuration alone are enough to set your hair on fire.

We have partnered with Vonage Business (formally Vocalocity), in our opinion the absolute best hosted PBX (phone) provider in the business.  Vonage Business is a local Atlanta-based division of Vonage that has invested tons of their own money to provide you with industry leading, reliable phone service…and the best part is, there is NO contract.  If you’re not happy, you can cancel at anytime.