Curtis-HanibleCurtis Hanible

Lives in: Roswell, GA

Grew up in: Louisville, KY

Children: Keyana L. Veney – 22  and Angelica D. Hanible -12

Education: Elecrtical Engineering at Eastern Kentucky University and the U.S.A.F. Community College

Before Logic Speak: Sr. DevOps Manager – OmnicoGroup

Technical expertise: 22 years of IT consulting experience including 8+ years of sales and broad-based management in information technology, implementation, project management, and support.

Interests: Church, FOREX Trading, Reading, Football… and of course Computers.


Quick anecdote:


During 2000, while doing work with Nortel Networks – I was working on a High Capacity/ Long Haul Optic System from Boston, MA to Orlando, FLA.  It was quite cold, and the after effect of an North-Easter dumped tons of snow in the area.  I was in White Plains, NY @ 2am approx.… working in an offsite relay station.  I was taking my time testing new optical lines and doing preventive maintenance on other optical equipment, when 4 techs came in from AT&T – very loud and almost yelling.  You could tell, that they didn’t want to be there, and whatever the reason they came out, they were going to fix it and leave as soon as possible.


After about an hour of listening to them on the other side of the building complaining, griping, arguing and fussing –  they suddenly all become quiet.  At first, it didn’t bother me – but after 30 minutes, it almost became eerie.  I began packing up my stuff, ready to leave  – and as I opened the facility door –  lo and behold… NYC Police, Swat teams and some military personnel greeted me.  Shocked, I asked, “What’s going on?”  They stated that an city-wide internet outage had occurred and they traced it down to this location… and wanted me to identify myself, why I was there and if I had any knowledge of what happened.


I calmly put my hands up and identified myself:  “My Name is Curtis Hanible, I am 26 years old, a USAF reservist, and Sr. Team Lead for Nortel Networks…. I didn’t sleep at a holiday inn express last night, but I think the AT&T gentlemen you are looking for are in the back of the building, having synchronized cardiac arrest.”


After laughing, they asked me to step aside – entered the building and removed the 4 gentlemen.  I was asked to assist getting everything working again until more help arrived – and as I picked up the AT&T support phone – a terrified young lady was on the other end.  She asked me had I ever worked on their equipment before – and I responded “nope… but I will try”  She asked me had I ever seen their equipment before – and I responded “nope… but, I am all you got right now…”  After a deep sigh, her response, has stuck with me ever since the day she said it:

“Aut inveniam viam aut faciam”

– we will either find a way, or make one….  And we did….

It’s been my creed ever since.