C O M P A N Y: K E F M E D I A

I N D U S T R Y: M E D I A & A D V E R T I S I N G

“Bringing in LogicSpeak to proactively manage our IT environment with the MAX platform by LOGICnow was a business decision that has paid off in spades.”
KEF Media offers clients 30 years of broadcast and digital public relations expertise delivering customized tactics, like their unique Satellite Media Tour, that assists their clients in generating maximum results.

T H E  C H A L L E N G E

James joined KEF Media over 10 years ago and heads up IT, HR, and Account and Building Facilities  Management. While IT wasn’t initially part of his role, he quickly inherited it when he jumped in to help the part-time IT manager put out fires.   “We had a host of outdated equipment and servers failing,
with no preventative maintenance plan,” James said.
When a server died and took out the company’s shared drive, employees across the company were impacted. None of the employees could access business-critical information.  It took a day to get another server in place, and then it had to be rebuilt.
“When a server dies it doesn’t just happen; there are indicators, and these problems can be prevented in a
proactively managed IT environment. I knew we had to get a better plan in place,” James said. That’s when he called Jason Etheridge, owner of Logic Speak, a managed service provider located in Roswell, GA.


KEF Media and Logic Speak share benefits of the LOGICnow MAX platform solution:

  • Antivirus: Robust, industry leading protection that minimizes false positives, making it easy to manage
  • Patch Management: Scans the network automatically and provides the functionality needed to effectively
    install and manage patches on all machines across different operating systems and in all supported
  • Web Protection: Provides an extra layer of protection and makes it easy to monitor and enforce web
    policies Remote Monitoring: Provides the power needed to stop small problems from becoming expensive
  • MAX Backup & Recovery: Protects clients’ data without requiring external IT support to visit the
    customer site

T H E  S O L U T I O N

“We brought in Logic Speak to help us modernize and proactively manage our IT environment. Logic Speak came in, streamlined and virtualized our servers and set up a proactively managed IT environment. Our downtime dropped dramatically. We expected that. Having them take care of issues before they became problems, before I even knew about them, freed me up to focus on my other priorities. We expected that. But what we didn’t expect was to actually cut our IT costs in half the first year,” James shared.

That was five years ago. Today their IT environment runs seamlessly. “If my only role were IT, I’d be on the golf course and riding motorcycles a lot more,” James joked. “KEF Media is a long-standing Logic Speak client that wants to focus on their business, not their IT environment. At Logic Speak, our mission is to positively impact the lives of our clients by using our abilities and technologies to enable them to focus on what they do best. KEF Media is a great example of achieving that goal,” Logic Speak owner Jason Etheridge stated.

To move KEF Media to a proactively managed IT environment, Logic Speak began with the basics. They installed the MAX platform by LOGICnow to put antivirus, patch management, web protection and remote monitoring and access in place. In addition, installing MAX Backup & Recovery was a key priority.

Logic Speak relies on MAX products to provide a complete ecosystem of cloud products.

“While we can’t compete with the large providers of cloud services, we can provide MAX products and brand them as our own. The MAX platform by LOGICnow gives us everything we need to offer our customers peace of mind.  It is the foundation of our Logical Choice solution offering,” said Jason Etheridge, Logic Speak.

With Logical Choice, Logic Speak provides proactive monitoring and maintenance for all devices including desktops and laptops, servers, storage systems, networks, applications, cloud systems and even smartphones and tablets. On top of this, they continuously patch software and firmware as required and recommended by the application vendors and hardware manufacturers to keep everything up to date, accessible, and secure. Finally, all workstations and servers get unlimited cloud backup, cloud monitoring, cloud antispam, cloud antivirus and cloud web protection.

“Our customers love Logical Choice, our comprehensive offering based on the MAX platform. KEF Media is a great example of how we deliver leading IT solutions and services to our customers at a significant savings,” said Jason Etheridge, Logic Speak.


“We cut our IT costs in half the first year, and my time has been freed up to focus on other business priorities. Bringing in Logic Speak to proactively manage our IT environment with the MAX platform by LOGICnow was a business decision that has paid off in spades,” James said.