Outsourced IT Support Services | DeKalb County, GA

Logic Speak Offers Outsourced IT Support ServicesProactive Service. Reliable Technology. Fixed Price. Worry Free IT!

Are you tired of calling your IT guy when things are down, broken or won’t work the way they are supposed to work? If you’re lucky, you get a callback and maybe in a day or two when they get around to it, you get a fix or workaround. If we could simplify your technology, use our years of experience to manage your network and through our Cloud Monitoring, proactively detect and resolve issues before they create headaches for you and your employees, wouldn’t that be refreshing? (Oh and did we mention for a fixed price?). We offer professional outsourced IT support services in DeKalb County, GA that can help your business grow by removing the burden of dealing with IT off of you so you can focus on your business.

With your Logical Choice Outsourced IT Support plan, we’ll provide proactive monitoring and maintenance for all of your most critical devices including desktops and laptops, servers, storage systems, networks, applications, cloud systems and even your smartphones and tablets. This starts with the monitoring of your current systems and devices to know if they are up or down, if they are communicating with the inside and outside world as necessary and if possible, how they are feeling. On top of this, we are continuously patching software and firmware as required and recommended by the application vendors and hardware manufacturers to keep everything up to date, accessible, and secure.


All workstations and servers get unlimited Cloud Backup, Cloud Monitoring, Cloud AntiSpam, Cloud AntiVirus and Cloud Web Protection included at no additional charge. Plus, all of our clients receive a guaranteed response time and are eligible for discounted project rates. Give us 30 days. If we can’t improve your technology and your employee’s experience, we’ll give you your money back. Guaranteed. No commitments. No hard feelings. (but be prepared to love our outsourced services so much that you won’t be able to help yourself and not tell all your friends about us…we get that a lot!).

Our goal as an outsourced IT support services company is to have a positive impact on you personally. With a Logical Choice plan, we don’t have to wait for something to break before we can have a positive impact on your day. Breaking the reactive cycle frees you from twiddling your thumbs when something goes down and it keeps you from watching the IT clock so that you don’t spend too much on hourly fees. You’ve got better things to do. Let us give you Worry Free IT so that you can get back to business!

If you’d like pricing or more information, feel free to call us at 678-990-0068 (option 1) or use our handy information request form and we’ll be happy to.  If you are in need of business tech support or just want a free cup of coffee, give us a call.