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Every organization invests time, money and effort to safeguard company assets and business intelligence. Even with a good security program, malicious users can still infiltrate an iron-clad system. Once they exploit that weakness, it can cause your business damage, liability and a hefty cost.

Security holes are very hard to detect, no matter how tight your company’s existing security protocol. We can be the experienced penetration testing partner provider you need to keep your business protected.

Partner with Logic Speak for your network penetration test.

Logic Speak provides network penetration testing services in Dunwoody, GA. Our network penetration testing consultants take pride in their testing tools and techniques. Depending on the nature of your unique business, we employ different tests to detect and resolve security holes or application glitches. The results of a penetration test are a great resource to keep your business secure and protected.

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Web Application Security
Let us examine your web pages, applications and servers to find security weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
Network Security
Our team simplifies IT security and compliance management. We can also provide proactive protection of enterprise data and IT assets.
Electronic Banking and ATM audit
Our team can also assess the security levels of computer platforms and IP networks used with self-service banking systems.
Source Code Audit
Our experts manually inspect the source code of the new or existing application for security weaknesses- keeping you free from harm.

Why Logic Speak?

Logic Speak employs a team of highly experienced network security engineers that provide quality consulting services and end to end IT security solutions. We have unmatched experience in delivering penetration testing services, in addition to auditing, risk management, and compliance services.

Have our experts talk with you about how we can help you tighten your security measures and applications with our penetration testing solutions.

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What is Penetration Testing?

A penetration test, or “pen test,” is an attempt to evaluate the security of IT infrastructures using a controlled environment to safely attack, identify, and exploit vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities may exist in operating systems, services, networks, and applications. They may also exist due to improper configurations or risky end-user behavior.